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DWI Prosecution In St. Louis County


Understanding The DWI Charge  –  This involves the Court, the Judge, the Prosecutor, the jailer, and everybody else you’d rather not have to speak with; and they all believe you are guilty.  These are not your teammates.

Following a stop and arrest for DWI in St. Louis County and the surrounding areas and various municipalities, the arresting officer will forward the case to the local prosecuting attorney.  You will then be required to attend court at some point in the future to address the charge.  Sometimes that mandatory court appearance is right on the face of the DWI ticket, other times it is mailed to you.  Either way, you’ll want to be sure of when your court date is, and not to miss it.  On occasion, this can take several months.

At the same time, the issue of your driver’s license is in question.  This is a wholly separate case, civil in nature, and against the Missouri Department of Revenue.  What is at stake here is solely your privilege to drive.

This time period between the arrest and the first court appearance can be IMG_65591.jpgcritical.  It is at this point that you should interview attorneys, and hire who you believe to be the best candidate based on experience, qualifications, personality, and work ethic.  Be skeptical here, just because your brothers divorce attorney says he handles DWI’s does not mean he is qualified to do so.  Along that same line, I can assure you that I am not qualified to handle your child custody battle, nor your patent issue; it’s not what I do!

Start gathering any and all evidence that may assist in your case.  You attorney should give you a good list to follow in this regard.  In my office, after our first meeting, I ask my clients to write down, with every detail, everything they remember from the incident.  This includes every second from the time they woke up that day, until them went to bed.  The task can seem tedious to some, but often in those minute details, a critical fact arises that can ultimately assist in obtaining a not-guilty verdict.  See one example here.

Real Evidence in a case such as this might include photographs from the area where you were stopped, interviews with anyone else you were with that evening, or anyone who may have been in the car with you, you credit card receipts or otherwise showing expenditures that evening, your medical status, prescriptions, diagnosis, physicians statements or otherwise that might show us that there’s a reason why maybe a particular roadside field sobriety test may have been off. Example.  The type and degree of evidence we can use in your case is limited only by the amount of work put in to obtain such.  Hence, start early, work with your attorney, and get as much as you can now, to prepare to the battle that is to follow.


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