Victim Impact Panel?

“Victim Impact Panel” in a St. Louis DWI?


Victim Impact Panel, or “VIP”, what is it, and is it required?

One of the conditions of getting a DWI case resolved after a guilty plea in St. Louis County attendance of the Victim Impact Panel (VIP).   This is a condition set by the Judge, and monitored by the Probation Office of whichever court your case originates from.  Attendance is mandatory, and failure to attend can have drastic consequences, as would failing any condition set by the judge.

VIP is a program set up through the Department of Justice Services (DJS) to develop an offenders’ awareness of victims by hearing first-hand the damaging effects crime has on communities; it provides offenders the opportunity to examine their own actions, and includes alternatives to risky behavior.

This is a 90 minute class where offenders can reflect upon decisions made and the possible consequences of Driving While Intoxicated.  While you should first consult with your attorney and probation officer about which if the various VIP classes to attend, St. Louis County, and the various municipalities often turn to the St. Louis County Probation and Alternative Community Service Program, click the link for additional information.

The time in which to attend this course is set by the Judge.  Typically, one is allowed 60-90 days following the order to attend.  If you have difficulty attending, or additional questions, please contact Bill Floodman or Guss Markwell at our office immediately.

By: Bill Floodman


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