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Charged with DWI Charge in St, Louis; Be Smart!

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“First: Understand Your Position: The Defendant; Alleged; The One Pointed At!”

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First step:  Recognize where you are and what is happening.  Obviously, the state (or city) is now charging you with a crime.  The state is also likely bringing a civil action against you to suspend or revoke your driver’s license.  You have two separate cases at this point.  Understand, the machinery of the government is working against you at this point, and is not understanding nor compassionate litigant.

Second Step:  Be informed.  Learn as much as you can about this process, about the applicable laws, and about your choices.  On this website you will find what you’ll need regarding the applicable laws, and about beginning to fight the DWI charge, keep reading.

Third Step:  Prepare for war.  Know your enemy in this matter, know the battlefield, know your strategy, and strike for the heart.  Work with your attorney on the facts of your case, visit the scene of the incident.  Why?  Often the most important facts some from visiting the scene. (Click for Example)

Lastly:  Work with your experienced St. Louis DWI attorney.  It is critical that you know, trust, research, work with, and listen to your attorney.  My clients spend a significant amount of time working with me to prepare their case.  The relationship between client and attorney is the single most important factor in you representation and you success.  You need to be able to trust your attorney, and in turn, your attorney needs to be able to trust you.  Never lie to your attorney, it will only harm YOUR case.  Tell your attorney everything, it will only help your case.  (Click For Example)

Know and understand the strategy that you and your attorney have prepared.  It is not acceptable to me, that clients are “left in the dark”, or not advised by their attorney of what is occurring in their DWI case.  This is true at every point in the case.  If you are not aware of what is occurring at your next hearing, assume your case is not going well, call your attorney immediately.

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